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Luxury Motorcars, consignment is our specialty!

Consign your vehicle with us.

Luxury Motorcars is the only all indoor dealership in the Sacramento area that offers consignment for your car that includes full concierge service during the process. Leaving your car with us to sell for you not only relieves you of the troubles involved with the lengthy and tiresome process of the sale itself, but allows you to take advantage of a lot more preparation and marketing that we offer to get the most money for your car.

If giving up your weekends and other spare time, waiting for strangers to meet you at your home or business (most of the time to be stood up), going to potential buyers banks with them in finance situations, and constantly washing and keeping your vehicle clean sound like fun, well then you may actually enjoy the selling process, if not consigning with us makes a lot of sense.

Why is the consignment method advantageous for you?

Other than the reasons mentioned above, the consignment method can make your vehicle sale much more effective and in many cases, more profitable to you the seller. The biggest difference between you and us selling your car is the attention your vehicle will receive. The marketing done by Luxury Motorcars is extremely thorough, your automobile will be placed for sale in a number of high traffic websites, forums, and domains (including this one). It will be professionally photographed with a minimum of 20 pictures (sometimes up to 100 or more) that will be published for potential buyers to browse. Being stored indoors, it will always be clean and detailed ready to be shown to a last minute walk in buyer, or one of our planned visits from an overseas buyer. Our staff is available to show your car seven days a week, and we answer calls 24 hours a day (this is a huge part of selling as most private sellers are not able to attend to calls coming in on their car for sale). We can get people financed to buy your car in house through banks we cooperate with that specialize in the types of cars we carry. All of these reasons combined allow us to get the most value for your automobile.

How is my vehicles value determined?

Bottom line, your vehicle consigned with us is still your vehicle and you set the final price, we will assist you with our extensive market knowledge to put a price on your car that will yield a sale that is timely and doesn’t leave any money on the table.

What does this service cost?

There are a few formulas we use as a commission, and we tailor one of them to fit your situation best. The most popular method is the flat fee, many of our clients prefer this because they know exactly what the net number will be to them once the sale is completed. Another method is the percentage of the sale, this is a sliding scale depending on the car and the price, from 8-10% of the final sale amount. And last is the net to you number, this means you tell us the number that you need to net and we price the vehicle above this number to make our commission. Unlike many other consignment brokers, we do not charge a monthly fee during our consignment contract. Please contact us for more in depth detail of these different choices.

Luxury Motorcars has been consigning and selling vehicles for our clients in the Northern California area since 2001. From your high end exotic, to your daily driver sedan, give us a chance to show you how our services can make your life easier.

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